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Every day, people search Google for the products and services you offer. SEO leads them to YOU!


Every day, people search Google for the products and services you offer.
SEO leads them to YOU!

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a series of coordinated steps that increase the chance of your website showing in the search engine results page (SERP). People also refer to this presence in the SERP as organic rankings. Presence on the SERP for terms important to your organization leads to increased traffic and leads from your website. While the organization does not pay for each visitor to the website from organic search results, there is ongoing effort and time required to optimize the website and achieve top rankings.

SEO has the Best Long-Term Investment

SEO generally has a very high return on investment because people using search engines have high intent to purchase. That means that rather than having to convince someone that they need your service, SEO visitors have already indicated their interest by searching for keywords that match your business category. SEO typically shows up as one of the lowest cost lead sources in annual surveys of marketers.


Good website rankings are driven by content on your site and the links and content from other sites. With this in mind, the bullets below summarize our process for optimizing your website’s rankings:

  • During the Keyword Discovery phase of the project, we work with you to determine the best keyword targets. We use your current site traffic, keyword research tools and your business strategy to determine the target keywords that your prospects are using when looking for your business.
  • We then create keyword relevant articles for your targeted keywords each month. The content is developed so that one article can be used several times during the link-building phase of the project.
  • Our ongoing link-building program distributes that content to one of the thousands of sites that accept user-generated content. Each of the articles links back to your site with relevant anchor text. Although the primary purpose of these submissions is links to the target site, the client may receive some referral traffic from the submissions. If desired, we can also use the content for blogging. Finally, all submissions are added to social bookmarking sites and other locations to improve the indexing of the content by search engines.
  • Any confirmed links are included in our linking rotation so that some new articles may link to other articles or social bookmarks. The process increases the value of the links into your site.
  • All of our activities are available for client review through our SEO dashboard. In addition to the actions, we track rankings on a daily basis for each targeted keyword.


Our SEO services are delivered by our custom search marketing platform. You can log in to our dashboard at any time to check the status of your campaigns and review your current rankings.

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Property Management Educational Firm Dominates The Market

  • Company:

    The Landlord Property Management Academy, A national property management educational firm, was looking to increase conversions in various markets.
  • Result:

    Since 2015, we have gone through two website revisions and handled our SEO the whole time. In 2 years, we have increased traffic by 10 times! This leads to multiple inquiries per day, sponsorship offers and increased sales year over year.

Groundbreaking Therapy Reaches The Masses

  • Company:

    Accelerated Resolution Therapy is relatively new treatment that helps victims with post-traumatic stress disorder find relief in as little as one to two sessions.
  • Result:

    Since May 2016 we’ve seen a 440% increase in relevancy on the world wide web, and by providing relevant content our newsletters have a 30% open rate (12% above the industry average). We’ve also seen and increase in requests to take our training on a monthly basis.

Insurance Firm Sees Growth in Commercial Policies

  • Company:

    Brier Grieves Insurance, was looking to increase conversions in commercial real estate.
  • Result:

    Through our newly revised site, SEO, Social Media and content marketing efforts we saw a 26% increase in overall visitors on the website. We moved up the ranks for 35 insurance keywords and several pages that didn’t show up now appeared in Google search.

Criminal Defense Attorney Moves Ahead Of The Competition

  • Company:

    Kersey Law Office is a San Diego Criminal Defense firm. They weren’t happy with the results from their current website and marketing provider even though they were spending thousands of dollars a month. (FindLaw)
  • Result:

    We started with a new website focused on conversion and also built the site around a content marketing strategy. After 4 months we 87% increase in traffic to the site, 117% increase in social media engagement and 36% open rate on newsletters. (13% above industry average)