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Digital Advertising

It's more than just impression & clicks - It's real customers

Promote your business across search engines, social media, and other websites that are relevant to your customers. At the end of each month, we’ll show you the number of phone calls, store visits, and revenue that you’ve generated.

After all, you’re not advertising to get impressions and clicks—you’re doing it to get more customers.

Innovative technology that generates real customers.

Fully managed programmatic advertising campaigns. Drive store visits, calls, texts & form fills.

Target Only The Best Opportunities

Advertising to everyone is expensive and inefficient. Instead, we use cutting-edge technologies to promote your business to a hyper-targeted audience, including competitors’ customers, people nearby, past customers, and more—without compromising consumer privacy along the way.

Focus On Revenue

Don’t get sidetracked with impressions and clicks—you want real customers spending real dollars. Our monthly reports clarify how much revenue you’ve generated based on your average customer value.

Track Phone Calls And Store Visits

Closing a sale often starts with customer interactions. With Digital Advertising, we track specific keywords in every phone conversation to gauge your customer’s intent to purchase (e.g. “make a reservation” or “book a room”). Furthermore, we know when your ads result in actual store visits.

Let Us Take Care Of It All For You

Our experienced advertising professionals will take care of all the heavy lifting for you, including creating campaigns, designing graphics, targeting the right people, reviewing data to optimize over time, and generating revenue reports so you know it’s working.

Show ROI In Dollars And Cents

Our monthly reports don’t just show that you’ve increased your impressions and clicks—these reports also show that you’ve generated more phone calls and store visits, and that you’ve received a positive return on investment.

Leverage Our Premium Partnerships

With long-standing relationships with ad partners like Google and Facebook, Allison's Alligator will always be on the cutting-edge of digital advertising technology.

Phone Calls & Store Visits

Reservations, Consultations, Appointments & Visitors

Search Advertising

Consumer searches for “easy catering” and Chipotle appears, encourages phone call to place orders.

Display Advertising

Consumer is reading a blog on the healthiest fast food options and Chipotle appears with coupons, encouraging store visits.

Facebook Ads

Consumer is on their mobile phone, (their job title on Facebook is listed as Catering Manager) and a Chipotle ad appears encouraging phone calls for catering options.


Consumer enters the Geofence of Chipotle competitor (Taco Bell) and for 30 days afterwards they see Chipotle ads encouraging visits which is tracked via the conversion zone

See How Your Business Stacks Up Online