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WordPress Migration Service

We will migrate your existing website safely from one host to another

We will migrate your website from one hosting to another without any downtime being noticed. We can also setup multiple domains.

Are you experiencing issues with your current website hosting and want to migrate your website? Are you looking to scale your operations on a better hosting and need to migrate your WordPress website? We can help you with WordPress Website Migration to new host with ZERO Downtime!

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As one of the Most Reliable WordPress Site Migration Service Providers, We Deal in Wix to WordPress Migration, Blogger to WordPress Migration Service, Joomla to WordPress Migration and Drupal to WordPress Migration Services.

What information is required for WordPress Website Migration?

We will need your Current and New Hosting Account access (Full Access). Once we have migrated all files and database successfully, you will have to update DNS ( Domain Name Server ) on your Domain Account so changes may take place.

What is website hosting and is it necessary?

Website hosting is an online disk space which is used to serve your pages (website) all around the globe so people may access it from anywhere around the world. It is absolutely necessary to have a hosting to create a WordPress website. Please make sure to contact your hosting provider and ask them if they allow WordPress installation on their server.

I don't know which hosting to choose, can you help?

Yes, we highly recommend using WPEngine. It’s once of the best fastest SSD compliant turbo hosting. To have a look at the packages, you can click here.

How long does it usually takes for WordPress Website Migration?

It usually takes 2 hours maximum to transfer your website from one hosting to another, but if website size is larger than 1GB, then it can take up to 6 hours for data transfer and then 24-72 hours for DNS propagation which is usually done after transferring data.

How much down time I will experience?

There will be no down time at all, transition will be totally smooth and we will setup and test Website after migrating to new hosting without even having your DNS pointed to new hosting.

I have my email address and emails in existing hosting, am I gonna lose them?

Yes, you will have to recreate all the email address if you are using hosted email, you will have to keep backup of emails in your local system using some mail application such as outlook.

What will happen to my current email settings in desktop client i use?

You will have to reconfigure the email settings after creating a new email account on new hosting service.

I am using Gmail as email service, is that gonna be an issue?

No, Your email will continue working as long as MX records in your domain aren’t changed.

How much does it cost?

We charge you $100 only for WordPress Website Migration.

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15 Day Refund Policy

All payments are processed securely. If we were unable to resolve your issue or if we didn’t meet your expectations, we maintain a 15-day refund policy!

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