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Google Ads Benefits – 6 Reasons You Should Be Using It for Your Business

Nathan Johnson - February 17, 2021 - 0 comments

We often highlight the various strategies regarding digital campaigns. As a small or medium-sized business, you may not have the expansive budgets to pursue them all at once. But, that’s ok, and there are brilliant campaigns you can design to generate real results. Today, we’re discussing the benefits of Google Ads.

Google Can Help Generate More Online Leads

This is the big one. Any online strategy should be designed to land more customers. But, with Google Ads, you can pinpoint your efforts and convert visitors into qualified leads. Knowing that people browsing online will look for products and services with various keyword searches, you can be specific with your ad messages. In addition, you can be precise and only invest in converting those viewers who matter to your business. Do this instead of broad-range advertising and hoping to attract the attention of an impulse buyer.

Google Ads Are Flexible & Dynamic

Start with one message and then easily switch gears to promote a sale, seasonal feature, or new location. One of the significant aspects of Google Ads is its flexibility. You can continue to add, move, and change your strategy as it applies to your business model. Also, you’re not stuck with investing in a static message. You can use the ongoing data to make enhancements and improvements along the way. It’s quick and easy to keep your Google Ad efforts relevant and engaging.

See Tangible ROI

You can see tangible ROI with Google Ads. Additionally, you will likely see an overall boost in your website traffic, for example. You can create a landing page designation for those who click your ad, to track those interested customers at the moment. Consider laying out a precise buyers’ cycle plan. It’s a sort of outline to gauge the difference between those potential leads. Use that as your guide to structuring your Google Ad campaigns with the next steps for each phase of that cycle. You will see the return on investment not only in the immediate purchases but also in increasing your funnel for future prospects engaging your brand.

Increased Brand Awareness Ongoing

A glorious side effect of being at the top of the results lists is your ongoing brand awareness. While you measure the click-throughs and conversions, know there is a host of additional viewers who saw your ad but weren’t ready to take the next step yet. As your company continues to be listed and featured, your brand awareness grows exponentially.

Reconnecting with Site Visitors

Let’s imagine your campaign has generated a visitor, who then went to your website, clicked on every page, but left again without opting in or purchasing. With Google Ads, you can use and leverage the Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) feature. You can target those types of visitors, with a remarketing campaign, and a unique message to bring them back to buy. You can also use this to generate a suppression list to ensure you’re not running the same message or ad for those who have already, in fact, bought from you.

Continuous Data & Measurement

With Google Ads, you have actionable data that you can interpret to make sure you’re maximizing results. Know who clicked on your ad. Know how many leads you’ve generated and calculate a cost per lead. Identify which keywords work the best. Integrate your ad campaign data with your Google Analytics account and learn even more about the success and effectiveness of the advertising altogether.

If you’re not sure you’re ready for a Google Ads campaign, or you have more questions about how it can help generate more leads for your business, contact us! We’re here to help design the most effective ads and help you keep your business in growth mode.