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7 Creative Event Marketing Ideas

Nathan Johnson - December 15, 2021 - 0 comments

Coming up with unique and relevant event marketing ideas is challenging in the best of times. As virtual events come to dominate the scene, event planners and small businesses are really stretching their creativity.

Event Marketing Promotion That Work

For some new event marketing ideas, here are 7 innovative and creative ways to drive event sales and excitement. From the cutting edge to the tried and true, these are event marketing ideas that any business can use.

1. Try video marketing

If you’re not using video marketing yet for event marketing promotion, you should be. Videos are consumers’ favorite way to learn about new products and can be shared on YouTube and across all social media platforms. Transcripts of video content are great for SEO, and can also be used as a stand-alone blog post about your event. You can also use the audio as a podcast.

2. Embrace social media stories

Social media stories have also become an important part of how people consume content, and it’s a great way to keep them informed of your event. Before, during, and after, social media stories on Instagram and Facebook make people feel like they’re truly part of the event. Get creative with behind-the-scenes insider info for even more impact.

3. Improve photo quality

When was the last time you thought about the quality of your photographs? If you’re posting fuzzy or low-resolution pics, you’re selling your event short. It’s well worth the money to hire a professional photographer to document your event, giving you high-quality, interesting photographs that your attendees will be proud to share.

4. Offer group pricing

Give your existing customer base great motivation to attend your event and offer group pricing. Depending on the nature of your event, group pricing also works well to get people excited about being a part of a team. Get creative and offer fun bonuses for any groups buying tickets together, such as a bottle of wine per group table or a free professional group photo.

5. Discover user-generated content

If you’re aiming for the Millennials or Gen Z, user-generated content is almost a must. Come up with a way to get your fans involved with your event and actively post. Involve your staff in the brainstorming process. For example, if your small business was a key sponsor for a Walk-A-Thon to raise money for area animal shelters, create user-generated content by asking people to share pictures of their pets on walks, with the event’s hashtag. Give them an incentive, such as an entry in a grand prize drawing, or an extra dollar donated to the shelters.

6. Expand your platforms

Also known as “Omnichannel Marketing”, event marketing across multiple platforms is more important than ever. You create a seamless brand experience across platforms like blogs, social media, smartphone apps, and email. This creates a clear call to action for customers with a linked, cohesive strategy on all mediums available.

7.  Add longer content

In addition to all the micro-marketing for your event, you should also focus on the big picture and offer readers long-form content on your website. Have at least one well-written article of 3,000 words so readers can really get in-depth on what to expect from your event, and why it’s happening. Longer posts are also more attractive to Google and will give you better search results.

These are just a few event marketing ideas that you can use now and in the future. The key is to try a little of everything, from proven marketing techniques to cutting-edge technological solutions. Remember, event promotion ideas can come from anywhere, and you can contact us for inspiration.

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