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Growing Your Business: 3 Effective Ways to Market Your Business

Nathan Johnson - June 2, 2021 - 0 comments

Are you newer to working from home or have recently gone out on your own? You may have learned that finding the first client or two may have come easy for you. Maybe they have been a past business acquaintance or your previous line of work may have referred a few people to you. However, growing your business and creating new lines of revenue is something that you should be doing on a consistent basis. Here are three ways you can market yourself to get the steady stream of clientele you want.

3 Effective Ways in Growing Your Business

Become Active in Your Local Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is designed to help small businesses connect. Growing your network is a key component to growing your business. This type of interaction provides a local opportunity for you to meet face-to-face with others who are also trying to grow their businesses but could be looking for services similar to what you are offering. Many Chambers of Commerce meet on a monthly basis. You can engage in events regularly in your area at low or no travel. Additionally, many Chambers of Commerce do require a membership fee so be sure to find out.

Another positive aspect of joining your local Chamber of Commerce is that they host local events where the members are offered opportunities to showcase their talents. This is a wonderful chance for you to provide services, free of charge, to other members. You can host live or online events during the day or after hours to help showcase your talents.

Create an Online Repository

Creating an online course or webinar is not as hard as you think. Today, many people are videoing themselves in their home offices. No fancy studio fees or editing costs involved. You can provide prerecorded or live seminars for your audience and reach people across the country and the world.

For a small monthly fee, platforms like Teachable and Thinkific can provide a space for you to showcase your talents. Platforms like these offer tutorials to help you get started. Making it easy for you to maintain and update the site as your online business grows and as you begin to offer more services online. The entry costs are minimal and the online platforms can connect seamlessly to your website.

Platforms like Teachable and Thinkific also provide an opportunity for you to sell other products like ebooks, meal planning, or other services, all in one location. While your website may provide your blog or background information, consider a site like this for all your eCommerce activities.

Provide a Membership-Based Service

As you grow your clientele, be sure to keep them around with valuable content that they can access on-demand. Start to create a library of information that clients are able to reference based on membership. You can create varying levels of membership and therefore access different types of services. These could include reading materials, activities, or webinars.

Another aspect of membership-based services is providing them push materials. This is in the form of email content and other social media marketing materials. Providing a membership-based service allows you to develop your email database for future marketing materials and events both locally and nationwide.

Reaching out and meeting people is key to creating that essential personal connection. This connection can be done either in person or online. However, as you grow your business, begin to think beyond traditional concepts of how you do business into the area of on-demand access and emailed materials for your clients. Once they have come to know and trust you, they are very likely to want more of what you have to offer. For more information, contact us.

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