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4 Reasons to Use Facebook Groups to Build an Audience

Nathan Johnson - December 8, 2021 - 0 comments

Want to build an audience of loyal followers who love to support your business by purchasing your products and services? 93% of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media. But that’s only one of a long list of reasons you should use Facebook groups for attracting the attention of your ideal customers.

Keep reading for 4 more reasons you should start growing Facebook groups today.

Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Groups to Build an Audience

1. You Get to Know Your Customers Better

When running Facebook groups, you get to interact with your customers in an open forum. This makes it easy to get to know your audiences’ likes, dislikes, needs, and wants. They’ll feel like a part of your company since they can speak to you directly.

Use this to your advantage by testing out new product or service ideas — without investing any resources — other than time. Simply create a poll or survey, or post a question in the group for instant feedback.

2. Your Audience Keeps You Motivated

Are you a perfectionist who’s easily discouraged when things don’t work out quite as you hoped? Do you find yourself losing motivation and neglecting your business when things don’t seem to be taking off as fast as you expected?

Growing an audience with Facebook groups at the same time you’re filling up your website with content gives you a team of cheerleaders eagerly waiting to see what you do next. This also helps keep you motivated to work on your business.

3. You Have a Group of People Primed and Ready to Buy

By the time you’ve built your website and published enough content on it to give visitors plenty to click through and explore, you should have a decent-sized group of potential customers who found your website organically through Facebook or Google. Or through your social media posts and advertising efforts.

As soon as you’re ready to promote your products and services and officially open for business, you can share the news with your audience of fans and get a quick win from a rush of sales. That spurt of sales pays you back for your initial time investment. It also gives you a stash of cash you can reinvest in your business.

4. The Traffic from Your Facebook Fans Gives You a Boost in Search Results

As your Facebook group grows and you share your blog articles with the group, the traffic from followers reading your articles helps boost your website in search engine rankings. The more people you get viewing your site and interacting with your articles by sharing and leaving comments, the higher your site will start to rank on Google.

Encourage your audience to leave comments on your website. Does WordPress power your site? It’s possible to install and configure a plugin that integrates and embeds Facebook comments into your website.

Get Help Growing Your Facebook Group

Do you want to start and grow a Facebook Group? Intimidated by all the tech and logistics of it? Or, maybe you just don’t have time or the willpower to devote the number of mental calories and months’ worth of time it’ll take to get an active audience who are ready to buy.

At Allison’s Alligator, we’re experts in all things social media. And, we’re experienced website and graphic designers, too. We can help you build a lead-generating website and social media marketing campaign that skyrockets your revenue.

But, we know we’re more than a little biased, so don’t take our word for it…

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