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Why Facebook Marketing is Beneficial

Nathan Johnson - March 24, 2016 - 0 comments

Marketing is essential to ensure business continuity. However, the type of marketing tools your business chooses to use can determine the customer base being reached, the amount of consumers being reached, and can ultimately portray what your business is all about. Surely business marketing is costly with traditional forms of advertisement. Newspaper marketing can result in a purchase of over $100 just to educate people on your business. This is obviously not a one time purchase, either, as your business requires new information and advertisement regularly. With all of this in mind, it is important to wonder just where your business is supposed to turn to for effective marketing. The answer to this is surely Facebook marketing.

Facebook is a free social media tool that hundreds of businesses turn to daily. As previously mentioned, newspaper advertisements can be costly for a business. TV advertisements can be astronomical in price, as well. In addition to saving costs for your business, Facebook marketing is incredibly beneficial in a multitude of other ways.

The Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Reach Plenty of People Effectively

People use the internet more than they purchase newspapers. Additionally, other factors such as Netflix, fast-forwarding through commercials, and people ditching their cable providers have left TV advertisement at a standstill. Facebook, however, has more than one billion users with over 151.8 million in the United States alone. All of these users are potential consumers for your business.

Relatable Content

People are incredibly comfortable on social media. In fact, the Telegraph stated that one in four people socialize more online than in person or on the phone. Marketing on Facebook allows a business to publish relatable content for their users that educates the public on their business. Businesses can upload business-related photos, articles, sales information, and general news pertaining to their company. This, of course, makes people feel more comfortable and connected to your company.


Facebook marketing allows for the business itself to grow its network. Connecting with other companies that are potentially beneficial to your own can ensure your business growth.

Improve the Economy

Your business alone can slightly improve the economy with the incorporation of Facebook marketing. Blogging, regularly updating the page, and determining the content to be posted can become a full-time job for a new employee. As your business continues to grow with Facebook marketing, more prospective positions open within your company. This is beneficial for your business and the economy as a whole.

Fast Business

Companies are able to generate business with the aid of Facebook marketing within seconds. Millions of people are able to view your business content the moment that it is uploaded. This is incredibly beneficial to your business as it shows prospective consumers that your business is current, savvy, and advanced.

Customer Satisfaction

Consumers are completely satisfied when they feel more connected to a business. Facebook marketing allows consumers to feel that they are important to a business because the customers are able to quickly reach out to a business with concerns, comments, reviews, and a general sense of appreciation. This, of course, further generates business for the company when others are able to see the level of care given to other consumers.

Extended Business Hours

Facebook is able to be accessed anywhere and at any time. Business owners can maintain business in the comfort of their own homes and ensure customer satisfaction throughout the day.

In conclusion, Facebook marketing is beneficial for many reasons. Facebook marketing is a continuous cycle for generating business as business hours are able to be extended. Additionally, customer satisfaction is easily increased with marketing on Facebook. The economy is stimulated and a business network is able to grow with this form of marketing, as well.

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