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4 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Nathan Johnson - July 21, 2016 - 0 comments

Facebook, at a glance, seems like a dream come true for businesses looking to reach a wider audience. It allows you to create your own profile page, to tag followers and friends, and to make as many posts as you want to try to get people’s attention. With every post presenting the possibility to go viral, it’s no wonder this social media platform has become a part of every business’s marketing strategy.

Of course, if all it took to grow your audience was to make one post a day, every company in the world would be experiencing surging growth. Facebook marketing is a tricky beast though, and if you’re going to make it work for you it’s important to avoid making serious marketing mistakes.

Here are 4 Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1: No Pictures (Or The Wrong Pictures)

Facebook is a very visual medium, and if you’re going to get your profile page noticed it’s important for you to stand out as much as you can. That means you need to dress up your profile, and make it as memorable as you can. Leaving your profile picture, cover photo slot, or both, blank is a sure-fire way to get ignored. You want to fill those areas with something eye-catching that will make you stand out. You also want to be sure you have full rights to the images you’re using, or that you acquired the pictures from a public domain archive. Otherwise there might be some legal action against you, if your page gets popular and someone notices.

Mistake #2: All Promotion, All The Time

You know how, when you go out to dinner with important business people you want to make a deal with, you need to carefully steer the conversation around to work? You exchange pleasantries, talk about what’s happening in your personal lives, and then you have to use a conversational gambit to open up the idea of forming a partnership. It’s like a dance, or a fencing match, where you’re trying to keep the ratio of real talk to business balanced. Your Facebook page needs to do the same, because if all you do is blast out that you’re having sales, or shoot people the latest update to your blog, they’ll feel like you’re just one, big, self-promotion. There’s nothing that will get you unfollowed faster.

Mistake #3: Ignoring Your Feedback

Facebook is a uniquely interactive platform, and you can talk to your followers with ease. Watch their reactions, and respond in ways that will keep your followers happy. If you’re getting a lot of likes and shares, then keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re getting silence, or worse a lot of negative comments and messages, then it’s a good idea to step back, and re-examine your strategy. Don’t just keep going, hoping it will turn around.

Mistake #4: Posting Too Often

Less really is more when it comes to Facebook. Generally speaking, you can get away with a few posts a week if you’re a small or mid-sized business. If you’re a large business, then one post a day is probably all you should ever add. While it’s true that posting more often has a better chance of getting seen, it also has a better chance of flooding your followers’ news feeds. That can get irritating, and irritating the people you’re trying to market to is the last thing you want to do.

Marketing on Facebook isn’t easy, despite how it might look from the outside. It also takes a huge amount of work and practice to become an overnight, viral success story. If you’d like more help getting there, simply contact us today!

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