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How to Use Blogging to Attract Customers

Nathan Johnson - April 4, 2016 - 0 comments

Blogs have gone from being a business accessory, to being a business necessity. Instead of being little more than a journal where you can leave updates for customers, blogs today are being used as a way to leverage traffic, interact with potential customers, and increase a company’s business. How do you turn your blog from a racing stripe into a lead generating turbocharger?

By providing value to your readers via content marketing.

How to Use Blogging to Attract Customers

Let’s talk about content marketing. The way it works is that a business creates content (in this case, a blog) that has value to customers and potential customers. The business markets that content by making sure it has the right keywords to show up in search engine results, and by sharing it through social media. The goal is to create content that catches people’s attention and to develop a regular readership with that content.

Examples work best, however. So, let’s say you were a law firm, and you wanted to use your blog to leverage higher traffic to your website and to get more clients. Well, you could begin a series where you answer common legal questions for readers every Monday. Everything from, “what are my rights during a traffic stop?” to “Is it really illegal to record the police?” is fair game. You could even encourage readers to send in their own questions, thereby making future installments easy to figure out. By providing real answers to questions people want to know about, along with quotes from the laws that back up your post, you’ll quickly find an audience who turns to you for help when they have a question. The result is that your reputation grows, and your readers come to trust you. So, when a reader needs a lawyer, he or she is more likely to go to you than to someone they have no connection to.

That’s the purpose of content marketing. You give your readers something of value with no strings attached, and they keep coming back to you. Not only that but because you’ve given them something they want, you’re earning goodwill from your audience. By interacting with them on social media, and by answering the comments they leave for you, you’re also opening a dialogue with them. That relationship drives business, and it is what content marketing is all about.

Dos and Don’ts of Using Your Blog to Attract Customers

Using your blog to get more business sounds like a straightforward enough proposal. However, it’s easy to make mistakes. That’s why if you’re just getting started, it’s important to keep some of these points in mind.


– Create Valuable Content: Your blog has to give your readers something. Information, entertainment, whatever you’re shooting for, it has to be there.

– Focus on Your Readers: Your blog should be about providing what your readers want, so be sure to listen to their feedback.

– Have A Call To Action: A call to action is a necessity because it builds on the goodwill you’ve generated to get readers to follow you on social media, visit your homepage, or do any of a dozen things to help build your online presence.


– Promote Yourself: Your blogs need to be able providing value to your customers, not telling them how great you are. Let them figure that out on their own.

– Update Erratically: If you’re going to grab people with your blog, you need to establish an update schedule and keep to it.

– Ignore Your Audience: You aren’t just writing blogs and tossing them into the ether. You need to establish a dialogue in order to win the most readers and expand your audience.

For more information on how you can use blogging to attract more customers to your business, simply contact us today!

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