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5 Website Design Tips for Any Small Business

Nathan Johnson - February 4, 2020 - 0 comments

You may be considering reworking the design of your website or interested in evaluating the current layout of your site. In this case, there are some key fundamental design guidelines to keep in mind. Ensure you’re maximizing your online efforts with your site. It’s important always to be improving various aspects to keep those digital leads coming. Here are a few tips to consider.

Location, Location, Location

You’ve no doubt heard the adage about the key to a successful business is location, location, location. Believe it or not, this advice applies not only to brick and mortar locations, but it can also apply to your website. Where is your site currently located? If you’ve opted for a do-it-yourself platform (of which there are tons), you could be doing your business a disservice online and in your lead generating capabilities. Consider upgrading to a WordPress site as the foundation for your online presence. WordPress sites offer ease of use applications, ongoing metrics, and scaling ability. They are created to allow both entry-level management as well as top agency and code development properties. Some of those other platforms may allow you to make a pretty design, but ultimately, you need your site to generate leads. The WordPress platform is the most efficient design structure to do just that.

User Experience

Sometimes, because you spend so much time navigating and working your own site and message, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to experience your online brand as a new-to-you customer. When considering the design of your web, consider donning the hat of a prospective visitor. Then, evaluate the users’ experience overall. Remember, the key is to answer two basic questions upon entry to your site:

1)     What do you do?

2)     Why should the user care?

If you find it difficult to be objective, consider asking a friend, family member, or colleague to navigate your site as a new user. The feedback and constructive criticism may be just the tip you need to enhance your site’s lead generation efforts. If you’re working within a WordPress platform, incorporating user experience enhancements is a breeze.

Keywords, Content and Sharing Your Company Information

Take a look at the overall content and information provided on your site. You may have blogs, listicles, or detailed outlines for your services and products. Too much information in one place can be overwhelming for the site visitors. Keyword stuffing can actually work against you with regard to SEO and search engine ranking as well. Be specific about essential core services and products and offer additional landing pages for visitors to investigate further with interest. Avoid attaching pdfs of brochures or literature as any content listed won’t be measured for SEO. If your business offerings are complicated or more technical, you can make smart use of ‘click here’ or ‘learn more’ call to action buttons instead of offering detailed explanations in one-page layouts.  WordPress designs make it easy to manipulate content and add landing pages.

Usability in Design Is Paramount

It’s of the utmost importance, no matter how well designed your site appears to be, that it renders properly on multiple devices. Know that most consumers make purchasing decisions via mobile devices. This means if they are required to scroll too far or search too long, they may choose to navigate away from your site altogether. Check your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. It may be time to enhance your design for usability if you struggle to find contact information or portions of your site appear to be cut off.

Strong CTAs at Every Stage of the Buyers’ Process

It’s a no brainer that every website should present an option for visitors to purchase now. It’s also important, however, to make sure you’re also offering specific opt-in selections for those potential buyers who may not be ready to make their purchase yet. For example, make sure your design features choice selections to a free trial, to learn more about your services or to subscribe to receive updates from you. Those visitors who decide on these other options can be converted later in your pipeline when they’re ready. Additionally, your brilliant web design has then allowed you to capture those potential leads. WordPress sites are ideal for creating and managing those CTAs and funneling your buyers’ process ongoing.

If you feel your website needs a fresh design to incorporate some of these best practices, contact us today! We can share ideas for designs that have worked well for others and talk more about transforming your design and creating a lead magnet for your business.

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