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3 Marketing Tips to Reach Those Customers Who Already Use Your Competition

Nathan Johnson - February 19, 2020 - 0 comments

You hear a multitude of objections in your marketing and sales efforts, but one you might hear more often than others is the, ‘I already work with someone’ response. Those who already partner with your competitors might still be your best potential client pool. They already believe and trust in the idea of a partnership. They already understand the value of your product or service. Your goal is to convert them into customers by convincing them you can do it better. If you feel you’ve run out of ideas on how to overcome this reply, you’re in luck. Today, we’re highlighting three tips to targeting and landing these prospects strategically.

Cater Your Message

Whether your marketing is digital, print, video, or in person, when targeting those prospects who already use a competitor, make sure your message is specific to your knowledge of this. In other words, someone who’s already working with an insurance agent doesn’t need to be sold on why they need insurance. A more precise message might start with one of these:

“Having insurance is a must. Finding a local agent who’ll come to see your roof damage the same day you call it in, is as easy as clicking here.”

“Your dog needs groomed every four to six weeks. But, it’s so hard sometimes to keep a schedule. We get it. So, we come to you! Schedule your next pet grooming appointment with our mobile grooming service!”

Keep in mind, your prospects are hounded routinely for various products and services. They are programmed to spot a sales pitch when they see or hear one. Design your message to your buyers where they are, already partnered with someone, but needing you instead. You can diffuse the objection up front and move the conversation forward to discuss their current quality of services, instead of trying to sell them something they already have.

Solve The Problem

Remember, when you’re creating your marketing strategies across any existing platforms, you need to solve the customers’ problems. When approaching those prospects, who already work with someone, consider what immediate needs are being met by their existing partner. Then identify what needs might not be satisfied, or what problems are still unresolved for the client. Lead your marketing efforts with messages that solve those problems. Consider creating an entire campaign around making a change or upgrading to a new partner. Here are a few ideas to get your creative ideas flowing:

“Are you getting regular stock market updates from your broker? If you’re not, you might need a new broker.”

“Tired of waiting on hold? You might be ready for a new service provider.”

Frequency Is Key

For those potential clients who already work with another vendor, frequency in communication is key for the long game. They may be happy with their provider now. It could be they just switched to a new partnership, or maybe they don’t make vendor decisions until the end of the year. The good news is, you may only need to wait and be patient. Chances are, it’s a timing issue. Schedule routine follow-ups and check-ins with these prospects. Plan communication strategies without asking for the business directly. Your goal with this strategy is to be available, willing to share information, and still interested in their business. Instead of asking for the buy, offer free tutorials, webinars, or subscriptions to your newsletter. The key is to stay top-of-mind with your contacts. Their potential partners may drop the ball eventually, and when there’s an opportunity for a change, your company will be the first to be considered.

In designing your best marketing strategies, remember to think like your prospects. For those who routinely object due to already having a provider, you have some great opportunities to convert them into buyers. Make sure your messages, across any platforms, solve a unique problem to those with existing relationships. Stay consistent with communication. These prospects are excellent for your business, as they already value what you offer. All you have to do is sell them on you. For more ideas and best practices, contact us!

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