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Email Marketing Myths You Need to Know About For Your Business

Nathan Johnson - January 23, 2019 - 0 comments

There are many truths and myths about email marketing, but some of these email marketing myths might just be, well… myths! While many still believe in the power of marketing through email, just as many others have given up. They hear too many bad things about it and don’t see the point of continuing to market in this manner.

Unsure about who and what to believe? Here are some myths that you need to know for your business.

Email Marketing is Dead

The biggest myth is that email marketing is dead. However, there are studies that prove otherwise. In fact, many marketers believe that email marketing is more powerful than social media marketing. Some even believe it is up to forty times more effective than other forms of marketing.

Many believe that there is a perfect day and time to send emails. Studies have shown that there is no right day or time to send your emails. In fact, the research is quite conflicting. Depending on where you look, some recommend weekends while others recommend a certain day during the week. Instead, it is more important to send emails out regularly, instead of focusing on the day and time.

Sending Fewer Emails

Many marketers and business owners believe that the more emails that you send, the more they will be ignored. However, that is simply not true. In fact, it might be better. Your readers and subscribers are all different. They have different wants and needs. The more emails that you send out, the more likely some of them will catch the attention of your subscribers and they will open it!

Unsubscribing is Bad News

It is also a myth that unsubscribes are bad. Though you may take it personally when someone unsubscribes, you really shouldn’t. It is in no way a reflection of your email marketing campaign. It might just mean that they are not your ideal customer and you won’t be wasting your marketing money on them.

This doesn’t mean that you should go through and purge your email list every few months. Many believe that they should remove anyone that hasn’t be active in a few months. However, that could be a mistake. They could be saving up to buy a product from you or just waiting until the right time. It might be better to ask them to update their preferences if you really feel like you need to make some changes.

Too Much Spam

If you send too many emails, they will end up going right into the SPAM folder. Many marketers and business owners worry way too much about SPAM. They worry that their subscribers may hit the SPAM button instead of opening their email. Most people either skip over emails that they don’t want to read right away or delete it. They aren’t going to hit the SPAM button.

By using certain words, you are guaranteeing that your emails will go right into the SPAM folder. For years, marketers and business owners have worried about their subject line. Free, work from home, and other “spam” words are not going to send your emails right into the SPAM folder so that shouldn’t stop you from offering great opportunities when you can.


While many marketers and business owners believe common myths about email marketing, the truth is that most of them are myths. While many believe that email marketing is dead, it really isn’t. It is still a powerful way to reach your audience!

Others believe that unsubscribers are bad. However, it really just means that they are not your ideal audience. In fact, by unsubscribing, they may be saving you some money! You shouldn’t go through and purge your list for this reason. Many people do buy months later so don’t remove anyone if you don’t have to!

SPAM is another challenging part of email marketing. Sending too many emails won’t necessarily make them go right into the SPAM folder. Same with certain words. These words make no difference between landing in the SPAM folder or not!

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