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9 Social Media Trends for Businesses and Non-Profits

Nathan Johnson - November 14, 2018 - 0 comments

Looking for ways to use social media to boost your campaigns? Social media is a great way to reach more people, get the word out, and spread awareness. Here are nine of the latest social media trends for businesses and nonprofits.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to reach more people. It involves paying brands, companies, celebrities, and social media sensations to promote your campaign. The price will depend on the size of their following. However, make sure that you only work with influencers whose message and brand are aligned with your own.

Focus on Viral Content

If you want to spread awareness about yourself, focus on producing viral content. For example, this can be a Youtube video about the importance of supporting your campaign. It can be in the form of hard shocking statistics, a social experiment, or just a funny and humorous video.

Ask People to Share

Always ask people to share your campaigns and posts with at least one friend. Never underestimate the power of sharing. Tell people that if they can not donate money, they should at least help out by clicking the like or share button. It’s easy to encourage people to tag a friend who may need to hear a message you just shared.

Use Chatbots

Chatbots are automated bots that interact with people on Facebook messenger. They are a great alternative to using an email list, as you will have a much higher open rate, and the bot can encourage more interaction by emulating a conversation.

Optimize the Action Process

Always make the action process, whether that be a donation, an email signup or a purchase, easy and simple. Use a call-to-action in your posts or your profile with a link to your donation page. Make the donation page, signup, download or purchase page simple and easy to figure out. Offer a few different payment methods, if possible.

Tell Real Stories

Real human stories touch people in a unique way. If you want to get a point across and reach people’s hearts, post stories. Even better, post video clips showing people telling their story. It can be a story of someone who needs help, someone who got helped, or someone who helped others. This will inspire your viewers to help out and contribute to your cause.

Utilize Social Proof

Don’t underestimate the value of social proof. Getting more likes, fans, and followers aren’t about showing off. It’s about inspiring others to act by showing them how many other people are standing up for your cause.

Cross Promote Everything

Want to really boost your follower count? Promote all of your channels on your other channels. For example, link to your Facebook and Instagram pages in your tweets. Promote your email list on your social media channels and promote your social media channels in your emails. Promote both your email list and your social channels on your blog. Being connected to you in more than one way will increase the chances of your followers actually seeing your content and will also increase your social proof on each channel.

Don’t Forget Paid Advertising

Paid advertising, when done correctly, will bring your business great results. However, as a non-profit, you will have an additional advantage over businesses that are advertising. When people go on social media, they want to catch up with their friends, not see ads for products. However, if you post an inspiring and motivational appeal to help out your cause, people will be affected and may donate. Google Grants can help you get started with advertising on Google Adwords if you don’t have a large paid marketing budget. Once the donations start coming in and you have a nice ROI, you can move on to Facebook and other social media networks.

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