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6 Helpful Tips for an Outstanding Email Marketing Campaign

Nathan Johnson - September 12, 2018 - 9 comments

Email marketing has become one of the go-to marketing methods for businesses everywhere. You can reach a large audience with the click of a button. Your customers already use email so it’s a great way to meet them where they are at. But, email marketing has been around for a while. Your customers are used to it. Now, you must work to keep your marketing emails out of the spam folders. You must entice your readers to open your email and not trash it.  So, how do you craft an effective email marketing campaign?

Tips for an Outstanding Email Marketing Campaign

1. Personalize the Emails

Take a cue from a great salesperson on this one. They always use their customer’s name when speaking to them. If your email has the generic sir or madam on the greeting you’ve lost that customer’s attention. Set up your email to automatically post your customer’s name in the greeting. You must walk a fine line though with personalizing emails. Customers don’t want to feel targeted. Consider subject lines that have piqued your customers interest in the past. Have several different formats and templates to further customize your emails. You can do all this while maintaining your brand.

2. Design Management

Many people check their email on their smartphone or tablet. If your email is only PC friendly, many customers can’t read it. Avoid massive text walls too. You want your text broken up so it’s easy for customers to take it. Images also help keep your customers attention.

3. Segmentation

You can segment your customers based on location, buying cycle, industry, the list goes on. Segment in a way that will earn the highest ROI. This will allow you to send targeted emails that will increase your effectiveness. You can use your CRM software to segment your emails based on what criteria works best for you. If you are planning a local event you can send the emails to local customers. A specialized offer can be sent to people at a specific point in the buying cycle. Most business owners choose not to segment their emails. Yet, this extra effort can earn you a 94% open rate and a 38% click-through rate.

4. Create a Relevant Call to Action

You customers get several emails a day. You want them to remember yours though. The proof of a great email is how many respond to your call to action. Do you see an increase in newsletter subscribers from your call to action? Do you have a free item or discount for those who give you additional information? A relevant call to action helps you see what your customers value based on their response.

5. Time Your Pitch

You need to time your pitch to get the sale with email marketing. This is where a personalized segmented email campaign comes in. If you are sending out one generic email to everyone you can expect dismal results. But, if you send out emails based on your customers buying patterns you will see better results. An email that states “since you bought these items in the past, you may enjoy this” takes more time and effort. But, the results are worth it.

6. Testing Your Effectiveness

You don’t need to test every email. But, you want to test most of them. You will be ahead of the curve by doing this too. 47% of companies test under 25% of their emails in a campaign. 15% don’t test their emails at all. This is a disservice to their business. You need to get an accurate representation of your effectiveness. Running A/B tests on some of your segments can test for this. Changing a small part of the email may increase your open and click-through rate. The A/B tests will show you exactly what to change and what to keep the same.

Grow Your Online Presence Today

A powerful email campaign can work wonders for your business. It’s an effective way to reach a large audience. But, you must do it right. You don’t want all your time and effort to end up in the spam folder. Are you looking to grow your online presence? Let our experts help. Our team specializes in all aspects of online business growth. Contact us today.

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